Friday, February 17, 2012

SB ORDER 2/2012 :Taking of Know Your Customer(KYC) documents at the time of credit of maturity value and cash withdrawal from savings account opened without KYC documents.

SB Order No.02/2012
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi-110001.
Date: 10.02.2012
All Heads of Circles/Regions
Addl. Director General, APS, New Delhi.

Subject:- Taking of Know Your Customer(KYC) documents at the time of credit of maturity value and cash withdrawal from savings account opened without KYC documents.

Sir / Madam,

The undersigned is directed to say that after removal of ceiling of maximum deposit in Post Office Savings Account, it has been observed that the possibility of fraud is more due to the fact that so far, KYC norms are not applied to Savings Accounts opened prior to introduction of AML/CFT norms in Small Savings Schemes. In order to curtail this possibility, following guidelines are being issued:-

1. In case, any depositor/holder/subscriber desires to credit maturity value of his Savings Instrument into a Post Office Savings Account opened prior to introduction of AML/CFT Norms i.e,without taking prescribed KYC documents, full KYC documents are to be obtained as per Risk Categorization (based on the amount being credited) before allowing credit of maturity value into savings account. Similarly, if a new Savings Account is opened to facilitate credit of maturity value,KYC documents are to be taken as per Risk Categorization based on the maturity Value being credited.

2. In case, an amount of Rs.50,000/- or above is withdrawan by cash from any savings account,full KYC Documents are to be taken as per Risk Categorization (based on the balance in Savings Account at the time of withdrawal) if the account was opened without taking any KYC documents. In case the account was opened with KYC documents prescribed for lower category of accounts and the balance in the account at the time of withdrawal is more than the amount prescribed for that category,additional KYC documents should be obtained as per the revised category of account.

3. It is requested that necessary instruction may be issued to all field units as well as inspecting/ visiting officers to implement the fresh guidelines.

4. This issues with the approval of DDG(FS)...
Yours faithfully,
(Kawal Jit Singh)
Assistant Director (SB)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minutes of Punjab Circle Postmaster Cadre Meeting Held in Ludhiana on 12.02.2012

Punjab Circle Postmaster Cadre Meeting was presided by Sh. Babu Singh Momi Postmaster Ahmadgarh Sangrur Division.Following Postmasters were present there
1.Sh. Narinder Pal Singh      Postmaster Sujanpur          Gurdaspur Division
2.Sh. Harjinder Singh lahri    Postmaster Ajnala             Amritsar Division
3. Sh. Mohinder Singh          Postmaster Rayya             Amritsar Division
4. Sh. Gurpreet Bedi            Postmaster Talwandi Bhai  Ferozepur Division
5. Sh. Dalip Kumar              Postmaster Guruharsahai    Ferozepur Division
6. Sh. Sunil Narotra             Postmaster PAU Ludhiana  Ludhiana City Division
7. Sh. Raj Kumar                Postmaster Ind. Colony       Ludhiana  City Division
8. Sh. Manpreet Singh         Postmaster Madhopuri        Ludhiana City Division
9. Sh. Sukhwinder Singh      Postmaster Basti Jodhewal  Ludhiana City Division
10. Sh. Gurmukh Singh        Postmaster Satnampura  Phagwara Kapurthala Division
11. Sh. Parminder Singh Joshi Postmaster Noormahal     Kapurthala Division
12. Sh. Shingara Singh         Postmaster Raekot               Ludhiana Muffasil Division
13. Sh. Babu Singh Momi    Postmaster Ahmadgarh        Sangrur Division
14. Sh. Vinod Salgania         Postmaster Dera Bassi         Patiala Division
15. Sh. Hardeep Singh         Postmaster Dhariwal           Gurdaspur Division
16. Sh. Bhisham Chander    Postmaster Adampur Doaba Jalandhar Division
          Following points were discussed.

1. Non Federal All India Postmaster Association is essential for the Better Future of Postmaster Cadre.
2. Grade Pay Should be Revised from 2800 to 4200-
3. Period of Probation 2 years should be removed.
4. Period for promotion to Postmaster Grade II and Grade III Should be reduced to 3 years as present period is
    too much.
5. Financial Powers should be Given to Postmaster Cadre.
6. Postmasters should be allowed to appear in Group-B and all other departmental Exams for Promotion
7. Grade II and Grade III identified Posts should be filled early as possible.

    Sh. Dalip Kumar Postmaster Guruharsahai  was elected as convener for Punjab Circle.Further it was decided that efforts will be made towards the formation of  Non Fedral All India Postmasters Association,for this Others Circles will be contacted to Get Together and send their Delegates for the All India Postmasters Association Formation Convention being expected to be held in April 2012

With Regards

Postmaster Punjab Team

Thursday, February 9, 2012



TIME    : 11:00 AM
                OPP. COUNTER NO 1
                BUS STAND LUDHIANA

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Central Civil Services ( Recognition of Service Associations ) Rules, 1993.

No. 2/10/ 80-JCA (Vol. IV)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi , the 5th November,  1993.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

            In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 and clause (5 ) of article 148 of the Constitution, after consultation with the comptroller and Auditor General in relation to persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department , and in suppression of the Central Civil Services ( Recognition of Service Associations ) Rules, 1959 except as respects things done or Omitted to be done before such super session,  the president hereby makes the following rules, namely :

1.                  Short title and commencement: ( 1 ) These rules may be called the Central Civil Services ( Recognition of Service Associations ) Rules,  1993.

            2.  They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official gazette.

2.                              Definition :  In these rules ,  unless the context otherwise requires, -

( a )      “ Government “ means the Central Government.

( b )            “Government servant” means any person to whom the Central Civil Services
( Conduct ) Rules, 1964, apply.

3.                  Application:  These rules shall apply to Service associations of all Government servants including civilian Government servants in the Defence Services but shall not apply to industrial employees of the Ministry of Railways and workers employed in Defence Installations of Ministry of Defence for whom separate Rules of Recognition exist.

4.                  Service Associations already recognized :

A Service Association or a federation which has been recognized by the Government before the commencement or these rules and in respect of which the recognition is subsisting at such commencement ,  shall continue to be so recognized for a period of one year form such commencement or till the date on which the recognition is withdrawn, whichever is earlier.

5.            Conditions for recognition of Service Associations:

            A service Association which fulfills the following conditions may be recognised by the Government, namely :-

( a )      An application for recognition of Service Association has been made to the Government containing Memorandum of Association ,  Constitution ,  Bye-laws of the Association , Names of Office-Bearers ,  total membership and any other information as may be required by the Government ;

( b )      the Service Association has been formed primarily with the object of promoting the common service interest of its members ;

( c )            membership of the Service Association has been restricted to a distinct category of Government servants having common interest ,  all such Government Servants’ being eligible for membership of the Service Association ;

( d )      ( i )            The Association represents minimum 35 percent of total number of a category of employees provided that where there is only one Association which commands more than 35 per cent membership ,  another Association with second highest membership ,  although less than 35 per cent may be recognised if it commands atleast 15 per cent membership ;

( ii )      The membership of the Government Servant shall be automatically discontinued on his ceasing to belong to such category ;

( e )            Government employees who are in service shall be members or office bearers of the Service Association ;

( f )       the service Association shall not be formed to represent the interests ,  or on the basis ,  of any caste ,  tribe or religious denomination or of any group within or section of such caste ,  tribe or religious denomination ;

( g )      the Executive of the Service Association has been appointed from amongst the members only ;  and

( h )      the funds of the Service Association consist exclusively of subscriptions from members and grants ,  if any made by the Government ,  and are applied only for the furtherance of the objects of the Service Association.

6                    Conditions subject to which recognition is continued :

Every Service Association recognized under these Rules shall comply with the following conditions ,  namely :-

( a )      the Service Association shall not send any representation or deputation except in connection with a matter which is of common interest to members of the Service Association ;

( b )      the Service Association shall not espouse or support the cause of individual Government servants relating to service matters ;

( c )      the Service Association shall not maintain any political fund or lend itself to the propagation of the view of any political party or a member of such party ;

( d )      all representations by the Service Association shall be submitted through proper channel and shall be addressed to the Secretary to the Government / Head of the Organisation or head of the Department or office ;

( e )      a list of members and office hearers ,  and up-to-date copy of the rules and an audited statement of accounts of the Service Association shall be furnished to the Government annually through proper channel after the general annual meeting so as to reach the Government before the 1st day of July each year ;

( f )       the Service Association shall abide by ,  and comply with all the provisions of its constitution / bye-laws ;

( g )      any amendment in the constitution / bye-laws of the Service Association ,  after its recognition under these Rules ,  shall be made only with the prior approval of the Government ;

( h )      the Service Association shall not start or publish any periodical ,  magazine or bulletin without the previous approval of the Government ;

( i )       the Service Association shall cease to publish any periodical ,  magazine or bulletin ,  if directed by the Government to do so ,  on the ground that the publication thereof is prejudicial to the interests of the Central Government ,  the Government of any state or any Government authority or to good relations between Government servants and the Government or any Government authority ,  or to good relations between the Government of India and the Government of a foreign State ;

( j )       the Service Association shall not address any communication to ,  or enter into correspondence with ,  a foreign authority except through the Government which shall have the right to withhold it ;

( k )      the Service Association shall not do any act or assist in the doing of any act which ,  if done by a Government servant ,  would contravene any of the provisions of the central Civil Services ( Conduct ) Rules, 1964 ; and

( l )             communications addressed by the Service Association or by any office-bearer on its behalf to the Government or a Government authority shall not contain any disrespectful or improper language. 

7            Verification of Membership :

( 1)                   The verification of membership for the purpose of recognition of a Service Association shall be done by the check-off-System in pa-rolls at such intervals and in such manner as the Government may by order prescribe.

( 2 )                  The Government may,  at any time,  order a special verification of membership if it is of the opinion ,  after an enquiry ,  that the Service Association does not have the membership required under sub-clause (i ) of clause ( d ) of rules 5 .

8          Withdrawal of Recognition :

If ,  in the opinion of the Government ,  a Service Association recognized under these rules has failed to comply with any of the conditions set out in rule 5 or rule 6 or rule 7 the Government may after giving an opportunity to the service Association to present its case,  withdraw the recognition accorded to such Association.

9          Relaxation :

The Government may dispense with or relax the requirements of any of these rules to such extent and subject to such conditions as it may deem fit in regard to any Service Association.

10.            Interpretation :

If any question arises as to the interpretation of any of the provisions of these rules or if there is any dispute relating to fulfillment of conditions for recognition it shall be referred to the Government ,  whose decision thereon shall be final.

Joint Secy. to  the Govt. of India