Saturday, September 8, 2012


I hope all Regional and Circle co ordinators from all circle have made their reservation for to attend the ALL INDIA POSTMASTERS MEET to be held at Mumbai on 1st October 2012. If not yet, please do the reservation in time to avoid last minutes hurry berry and missing of the great opportunity to participate in an All India meet to discuss and decide the fate of the cadre.

The meeting will be held at Tulsi wadi , Near RTO office, Mumbai central West(BCT). Mumbai. This is very much near to Mumbai central Railway station at 11.00 a.m.

Those who are coming from the southern/western/eastern/northern part of India are to alight at Dadar Terminus and change their journey to the western suburban train on purchasing local train tickets. Dadar Railway station is a sophasticated station with all facility and prominent sign boards to direct the travellers properly.They have to alight at Mumbai central Station is 4th station if travelled by slow local train and next station from Dadar if it is by fast train.

Those who are coming from Northern and western part of India are to alight at Mumbai Central Terminus(BCT) and change to the suburban platform.

In Mumbai Central Railyway station Suburban the Reception committee will display the way to come for the venue of the Meeting.

In the meeting we will discuss about various items which restrict us to move forward in the opted Postmaster cadre. Come with the consent letters collected from all the postmaster cadre officials and submit the same at the meeting.  All participant should come along with the points to discuss and to take up the issue to the Directorate through an adhoc committe of Postmasters.

For any other details please feel free to contact the following reception committee members :

MOBILE9867776058 EMAIL

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meeting of Postmaster Grade I Punjab Circle Held at Jalandhar

A meeting of Postmaster Grade I of Punjab Circle was held at Hotel City Hub, Near P&T Colony, Jalandhar on 2/9/2012 at 1100 hours. The following  20 officials from different parts of the Circle attended the meeting including one female member.
1. Sh. Dalip Kumar PM Grade I Guru Har Sahai
2. Sh. Gurpreet Bedi PM Grade I Talwandi Bhai
3. Sh. Purshotam Lal PM Grade I Dharamkot
4. Sh. Manish Kapoor PM Grade I Jandiala Guru
5. Sh. Pardeep Kumar PM Grade I Gardiwala
6. Sh. Rajinder Singh PM Grade I Kurali
7. Sh. Ajit Singh PM Grade I Urmar
8. Sh. Vijay Kumar PM Grade I DBJS Beas
9. Sh. Gaurav Batra PM Grade I Jalalabad(West)
10.Ms. Sonika PM Grade I Goraya
11.Sh. Vinod Salgania PM Grade I Bassi Pathana
12.Sh. Mahender Singh PM Grade I Rayya
13.Sh. Harjinder Singh Lehri PM Grade I Ajnala
14.Sh. Pritpal Singh PM Grade I Adampur AD
15.Sh. Sunil Narotra PM Grade I PAU Ludhiana
16.Sh. Sital Singh PM Grade I Sector 15 Chandigarh
17.Sh. Gurmukh Singh PM Grade I Satnampura
18.Sh. Narinder Pal PM Grade I Sujanpur
19.Sh. Hardeep Singh PM Grade I Dhariwal
20.Sh. Manpreet Singh PM Grade I Madhopuri Ludhiana

The meeting was started by welcome note from Sh. Dalip Kumar Postmaster Grade I, Guru Har Sahai.

Thereafter a self-introduction session was held which also included the problems being faced by the Cadre in day-to-day working.

Overall a need to create a Non-federal Association of Postmaster Cadre was felt by most of the  members present in the meeting.

The Consent Forms were also got filled from the present members. Most of the other members who could not attend the meeting, also assured that they are in favour of Non-Fedreal Association of Postmaster Cadre and they will fill and send the Consent form through Post.

Taking into consideration the All India Meeting of Postmaster Cadre to be held at Mumbai on 1/10/2012, it was decided to send 3 delegates from Punjab Circle, and the names of following officials were decided unanimously:

1.  Sh. Dalip Kumar, Postmaster Grade I  Guru Har Sahai
2.  Sh. Gurpreet Bedi, Postmaster Grade I Talwandi Bhai
3.  Sh. Vinod Salgania Postmaster Grade I Bassi Pathana

In the end, Sh. Gurpreet Bedi thanked all the members who participated in the meeting. The meeting was ended after a special Lunch Session.

And a special thanks for Sh. Anudeep Sharma for making all the arrangements to hold the meeting at Jalandhar....