Saturday, April 20, 2013

Latest News About Postmaster Cadre

Dear postmaster,
All India Association of postmaster cadre ad hoc committee members were attended meeting with DDG(P) on 17th April 2013 on appointment.
Official side members:
Shri.V. P. Singh, DDG(P)
Shri. Kajlaji
Shri. Hariharanji
Shri. Rajkumar Director (staff)
Smt. Alka Tiwari, ADG (SPN)
Shri.Ganesh Sable General Secretary 
Venkatesan PRESIDENT
Shri S.K.Singh Represented UP circle
Shri. Kantha Raja Represented K'natka circle
Shri. Rajiv Huilgol Regional co ordinator
Shri.Shailesh Seth Asst.Gnl.Secretary(AIAPC)(proposed) 
Meeting started at 11.15 a.m and concluded by 12.30 p.m
Following points were discussed in the meeting:
1.               Filling up of GR III posts immediately.
Department is now keen in implementing          the old recruitment rules of HSG I immediately to make the way to fill up the GR III posts.
When the loss of seniority andFinancial loss to the senior officials was raised by the staff side, it is assured that in case of any loss of seniority in case of any Postmaster, that will be considered on representation.
 As per the departmental view Postmaster Cadre is a Sun rising cadre with bright future.
 The Grade III posts will be immediately created as and when the single eligible official will be posted.
2.  Adhoc promotion to GR I officials:
 Eligible feeder cadre officials can be posted in the postmaster Gr II on ad hoc basis.  When asked about the circular on the issue, issued by the Directorate on filling up of short term vacancies:
It is replied that postmaster cadre officials should approach the concerned CPMG through forum till the approval of the non federated association exclusively for postmaster cadre officials.
Therefore the CHQ requests all the circle coordinators to form one ad hoc committee in the circle level immediately for asking for bi/four monthly meetings with PMG and at the regional level and CPMG at Circle level.
3. Allowing the postmaster cadre officials to appear for IP and GRB examination:
The Postmaster cadre officials are entered in this cadre on their own willingness as their future promotion will be on the same hierarchy.
So the question of appearing for the other cadre examination is not possible.
In lieu of that 100% Sr. Postmaster cadre Posts will be earmarked for the Postmaster cadre officials.
2.              Administrative, Disciplinary and all other functional powers to Postmaster cadre officials:
The Postmaster cadre officials will also conferred with the Administrative, Disciplinary and all other functional powers equal lent as in the case of LSG/HSGII/I and IP and ASP. Orders will be issued shortly.
5. Reduction of promotion eligibility period :
Eligibility of Promotion period between GR I to GR II and III will be reduced as in the case of general line.
6. All India Gradation list of postmaster is under process and shortly orders will be issued for identified offices of Sr. Postmaster at all India level.
In view of the above,
i)                           this is intimated to all India Postmasters to be ready for the pre recognisation process for approval to form an All India Association of Postmaster cadre, viz., giving resignation to the presently attached P3 service Unions.
ii    Form an ad hoc body in the circle level     as per the  procedure  laid down in the constitution which was already supplied to the concerned circle coordinators on 01.10.2012.
ii)                       Collection of Rs.50/- as subscription and funds for the association should be started and  the shares as mentioned in the constitution should  be distributed to Regional, Circle and CHQ under receipt and books of accounts should be maintained as envisaged in the CCS(RSA) Rules 1993.
iii)                     All the circle ad hoc committee should prepare a data of all the details of their members.
iv)                      Compliance of the above procedure should be intimated to CHQ in Maharashtra circle immediately to prepare a data base for reference.
Dear Postmasters, we are living in changing scenario of the department. So our collective attitude only will bring good results as we dreamt about the cadre when it was introduced by the department.
Therefore be united and make possible representation in the seventh Pay commission when it is constituted or if any injustice noticed and when we are deprived our rights to knock the door justice, our collective effort is urgently needed.
The approach of the CHQ is only a starting journey to knock the door of administration. Therefore all are requested to make ready them selves for verification process for which the circulars will be issued very shortly.
Show your unity and give power for representation with administration.
With regards,
Ganesh Sable,
General Secretary,
Camp at Maharashtra Circle.

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