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All India Association of Postmaster Cadre - II All India Conference - a milestone in the history of the Postmaster Cadre.

All India Association of Postmaster Cadre - II All India Conference - a milestone in the history of the Postmaster Cadre.

People of the land of kings reflect the cultural spectrum that scatters its brilliance on the golden tradition of Rajasthan.

Within a short span of time, Rajasthan Postmasters shown their courage to conduct such a big event in grand way. The response from the All India representatives were impressive . All are expecting somethings are to be happened in this cadre which is orphaned by the creators. Discrimination among the fellow general line postmasters are pinching and feeling of step motherly treatment by the department. Whether it is intentional or through oversight?!..

Shri.Ganesh Sable General Secretary of the adhoc body read the report of activities of the association in width and breadth. He expressed his adhoc body inability of following up the matters which were already taken up with the Directorate. The issues which were submitted are unattended because of the staff shortage at Directorate. Delayed Justice is Denied Justice.

Postmasters in all over India are facing local issues with the Divisional and Regional level when they discharge their duties. These issues may be due to the system in which attached ourselves or the willful interference of federated co Sisters.

Therefore to settle the local issues at present, he put up a proposal to hold the hands with the All India Association of Supervisors for General Line now which is only one supervisors union India posts working as association and not attached with any affiliation with federation working with all Union facilities.

When the proposal was put up, there was a positive signal from the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi,Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. They registered their willingness to form a circle level association of Supervisors association to take up the local issues.

This association  has invited Shri.Manoj Bharatwaj ji General Secretary, All India Association of Supervisiors,(G.L.) as Chief Guest. All  queries raised by  Postmasters in postmaster cadre were answered very Patently by him and raised the level of confidence among the postmasters. He Welcomed all the circles who wished to join in AIAPS and asked other circle representative members to take their own time to decide on the issue.

The other circle members who wanted some period to discuss the matter with their circle members before making final decision.

Some of the members felt that if we get a ready made platform for representation in local level to fight with the injustice, the intensity to form a separate association for Postmasters will pulled up halt. So they wanted three months time to take up the issue of formation of Postmaster Association in a technical manner as they discussed on the meeting.  Three meetings of CHQ members were taken before and after the speeches.

The Following resolutions were passed in the II AIC :

1. Status quo will be maintained in the present adhoc body.
2.Postmasters will take a ready made platform to take up the local issues and form bodies of All India Association of Supervisors as per their constitution and by laws.
3.Three months time was given to Shri.Himanshu Modak Postmaster Grade II to finalise the issue of getting recognition for Postmaster Cadre Association.
4.Communication gap is a big problem as there is no all India common blog for Postmasters. Requested Rajasthan Circle to try the one on trail basis.

The CHQ registers appreciation to the Postmasters of Rajasthan, who were made the event unforgettable one and leading light to other circle postmasters. The efforts made by Shri. Mohanlal Meena, Shri.Balvir Chowdhary and Shri. Nagarji were remarkable one The next meeting of AIC will be announced at the earliest.

The grand meeting was concluded with Vote of thanks and National Anthem.

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