Saturday, July 23, 2011

How to Open BPL Accounts in Sanchay Post

1.Install Sanchay Post with NREGS option.

2.Run NREGS patch for MS SQL 2000 & MS SQL 2005 Ver 6.5

3.Give the sa password and save it.

4.And then click Execute patch and wait for confirmation message.

5.For HO and SO go to NREGS -> Data Entry.Login with Data entry supervisor login.

6.Then go to Intialisation -> Account Number -> and click Add.

7.Enter the account block details.

8. Then go to NREGS -> Data Entry. Login with Data entry operator login.

9.Then go to NREGS-> Open Account and open the accounts.

10.For transactions go to NREGS -> Transactions and give the account number and enter the

11. For day to day LOT entries use LOT entries.

12. After entering transactions/LOT entries open DB Analyzer give the server name.

13.Go to Reports -> Zero Balance Accounts LOT.

14.Select the BPL option and also select the account block numbers and click ok.

15. LOT will be displayed click on Print.

16.LOT will be created as file in the C:\.

17.Open the file with Microsoft Excel and then print the LOT.

18. The same transaction also will be included in Sanchaypost Regular LOT

Note : Use the Latest DB Analyser ( Download )

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