Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Revised Syllabus of IPO Examination-2011

Paper I –Acts/Rules/ Guidelines Instructions relating to Inland
& Foreign Posts, Mail Operations, Money
Remittances, Savings Bank Schemes and Certificates
Rural and Postal Life Insurance.
Organization of Department, Office Procedure and
Material Management for optimum utilization of
network, Establishment and Administrative Matters

Paper IICCS (Conduct) Rules, CCS (CCA) Rules,
Accounts, FRs & SRs and FHBs
Paper III (1) Constitution of India
(2) Short title, extent, commencement and definitions
of CPC & CrPC.
(i) CrPC: Proclamation for person absconding
attachment of property of person absconding ,
claims and objections to attachments, release, sale
and restoration of attached property.
(ii) Indian Evidence Act: Short title, extent and
Of the relevancy of the facts: Evidence may be
given of facts in issue and relevant facts, relevancy
of facts forming part of the same transaction, facts
which are the occasion, cause or effect of facts in
issue;motive, preparation and previous or subsequent
Facts which need not be proved:
Of oral evidence:
Of documentary evidence
(iii) Indian Penal Code: General Explanation:
Of Punishments
Of offences by or relating to public servants
Of contempts of the lawful authority of public
Of the criminal breach of contract of service
RTI Act and Consumer Protection Act

Paper iV
English Language General Knowledge & Reasoning/
Each paper will carry 300 marks

Duration of each paper would be 3 hrs.

150 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) in each paper

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