Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Minutes of AIAPC Raj. Circle Meeting held at Jaipur on 25.05.13


Meeting of Rajasthan Circle was held at Jaipur on 25.5.2013
In this meeting Ad-hoc body of Rajasthan Circle was elected un anonymously & sent to General Secretary All India Association of Postmaster Cadre (AIAPC)  for approval

Sh. M.L. Nagar
Vice President I
Sh. D.P. Sharma
Vice President II
Sh. N.R. Choudhary
Vice President III
Sh. L.R. Poonia
Circle Secretary
Sh. Mohan Lal Meena
Asst Secretary I
Sh. Balveer Singh
Asst Secretary II
Sh. Jayanti Lal Mali
Asst Secretary III
Sh. Rakesh Pareek
Sh. Ranjit
Organizing Secretary I
Sh. Sushil Kumar
Organizing Secretary I
Sh. Harish Kumar Chandora
Organizing Secretary I
Sh. M.G. Goswami
Sh. Satish Kumar Verma

Following Items were discussed in the meeting :-

1.    Gradation List of Rajasthan Circle should  be prepared.
2.    Database of all the Postmaster Masters Grade I & II of Rajasthan Circle have   
been prepared.
3.    An increment should be given to those who were promoted in the same grade
4.    Ad-hoc Promotion for Grade II & Grade III should be made
5.    In Grade III Post offices appointment of HSG-I Regular is natural injustice .It  
should be stopped immediately.
6.    Adequate Staff position should be in Identified Grade I ,II , III Post offices .
7.    LDCE for Gr ‘B’ & Promotion through seniority-cum- fitness

All India Association of PostMaster Cadre
Rajasthan Circle, Jaipur

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