Saturday, August 13, 2011

Revised Procedure to Open BPL Accounts in Sanchay Post R2 Online Module

Henceforth, BPL accounts should be opened in the ONLINE MODULE only and the account number allotted will be from the regular SB block. While opening BPL accounts, counter officials should enter the following details under the Introducer particulars:

a) Select ‘Others’ in the dropdown option for Scheme.
b) Enter ‘BPL’ in the introducer name, address, city and pincode.

This is mandatory for all BPL accounts, failing which the account cannot be classified as a BPL account. The counter officials should be suitably instructed without fail. The same procedure is to be adopted for opening of BPL accounts in the SOSB Online module.

For BPL accounts already opened in NREGS Data Entry Module:
a. Open Form No. 0459 in Initialisation Group
b. Add a new block
c. Enter the starting number and the last number of the accounts opened as BPL accounts.
c. In the 'Latest Number' field, enter the last BPL account number opened.
d. Click on 'Save'

The corresponding block should be deleted from the initialisation of NREGS Account Number Blocks.

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