Monday, August 29, 2011

Summary of CCS (CCA) Rules,Paper II IPO Exam


Rule             Details

10.                Suspension
11.                Penalties
12.                Disciplinary Authority.
13.                Authority to Institute Disciplinary Proceedings.
14.                Procedure for Imposing Major Penalties.
15.                Action on the Report (Major Penalties).
16.                Procedure for Imposing Minor Penalties.
17.                Communication of Orders.
18.                Common Proceedings.
19.                Cases in which no inquiry is necessary.
20.                Govt servants lent to the State Govt.
21.                Govt servants borrowed from the State Govt etc.
22.                Orders against which no Appeals lies.
23.                Orders against which Appeal lies.
24.                Appellate Authority.
29.                Revision
29-A.             Review

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