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What do we get and what the bank officers get from Government.


Prior to 1979, Group ‘A’ Officers of Central Government were earning less than bank officers. In 1979, the Pillai Committee was constituted to study the salary structures of bank officers and Group ‘A’ Officers of the Central Government and bring equity among various banks.

The Committee observed that the functions and responsibilities of bank officers in the new set-up were comparable to those of Group ‘A’ Officers in the Central Government and suggested pay parity between them.
The Pillai Committee recommendations were implemented in banks with effect from July 1, 1979, and the pay scale of the lowest rung of officers in banks were equated with pay scales of the lowest rung of Group ‘A’ Officers of Central Government at Rs 700.

The parity which was established by implementing the Pillai Committee Recommendations was distorted by subsequent Pay Commission revisions. In the Sixth Pay Commission, the wages of Group ‘A’ Officers zoomed past the bank officers’ wages. External relativity was given a quiet burial.

It is quite appropriate to compare the salary of bank officers with Group ‘A’ Officers of the Central Government to as certain whether bank officers constitute a high-wage island.

The basic pay according to the Fifth Pay Commission for Group ‘A’ Officers was Rs 8,000 and the corresponding pay for bank officers was Rs 7,100. But in the Sixth Pay Commission the basic pay for Group ‘A’ Officers of the Central Government went up to Rs 21,000 (basic pay Rs 15,600 + grade pay Rs 5,400) whereas the pre-revised basic pay of bank officers was only Rs 10,000.

Between the Fifth and the Sixth Pay Commissions, the basic pay of Group ‘A’ Government officers went up by 162.5 per cent.

The gross salary of Assistant/Inspector of Central Government is Rs 28,825, whereas the bank Manager's (scale-I) salary is only Rs 16,880. It can be seen that a bank officer draws a gross salary which is just 58.56 per cent of the gross salary of  Inspector Group ‘B’  Non-Gazetted officers of Central Government.

Even house rent allowance was paid at 30 per cent of basic pay for government officers, whereas bank officers were getting a maximum of 8.5 per cent in metros. The pre-revised salary of the bank clerk was Rs 7,394 as compared with the Central Government clerk’s salary of Rs 15,220.

Many State Governments have adopted the Sixth Pay Commission Recommendations. A number of public sector undertakings have implemented the Pay Commission recommendations as a benchmark for their salary revision.

Uptodate Comparison of Salaries of Bank Employees and Central Government (CG) Employees

              Clerk (CG)     Clerk(Bank)   Officer CG)     JMGS(Bank)     Executives(CG)     Executives(Bank)
Basic Pay     5200.00        4410.00         9300.00             10,000.00        15600.00             20480.00

Grade Pay    1900.00              0.00         4600.00                     0.00         5400.00                      0.00

        DA       3834.00        2328.48         7089.00               5280.00       10710.00              10813.44

      HRA       2130.00          374.85         4170.00                850.00         6300.00                1740.80

Conv All         906.00           105.00         2416.00               350.00         4832.00                  600.00

     CCA             0.00          176..40               0.00               400.00               0.00                  540.00

  Edu All       1250.00               0.00         1250.00                   0.00         1250.00                      0.00

Total:-        15220.00          7394.73      28825.00           16880.00       44092.00              34174.24

1. Salary has been calculated from ENTRY level which will keep on increasing (and also the difference!!).

2. Salary has been calculated for Metro Cities.

3. Officer in Bank are scale I to scale III (JMGS). While in Central Government are Inspector equivalent with GP–Rs.4600.

4. Executive in Bank are Scale IV and above whereas Executive in Central Government are Group 'B' senior Gazetted  Officer and above.

5. Education allowance calculated as minimum(For one child while it can be availed for 2).

6. Difference shows how we get in comparison to Bank Employees.

7. Top Executive of Central Government are Pay band - 4 officers of Group “A” Service.
    Their salaries may   not be compared with the bank Officers.

8. Conveyance Allowance of Bank Employees varies from post to post and place to place it has been taken maxium.

9. **Central Government LDC has been compared with bank Clerk/Assistant.

10. There is automatic switching over to next scale after every 10 year in central Government service.

11. In bank officer gets lease and petrol allowance which is also not sacrosanct.

12. The D.A. of Bank employee is 52.8% while the D.A. of Central Government employee 51% at present.

13. Housing Accommodation is provided to officers on lease basis with following ceiling:-

Scale           Delhi/Mumbai             Major “A”              Area I           Area II                  Other  Centers

Scale I               6000                       5000                     4500              3200                          2500

Scale II              7000                       6000                     5000              3500                          3000

Scale III             7500                       6500                     5500             4000                          3500

Scale IV           10000                       8000                     7000             5500                         3500

The Central Government Employee gets the pension 50% of  the his  emoluments of the last month before his Superannuation  from the consolidated  fund from the Government of India who joined before 2004 while the bank Employee does not get it from the consolidated fund of Government of India.

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