Monday, August 29, 2011

Summary of Rules Volume V ,Paper I IPO Exam


Rule             Details

10.                Sorting Office.
11.                Sorting Sub Office.
12.                Return Letter Office (RLO).
13.                Office of Exchange, Office of Exchange of Transit, Foreign Post Offices &
                     Sub Foreign Offices
23.                Station and Sorting Articles.
24.                Labelled Bundle.
25.                Check Slip.
25A               Money Order Check Slip.
27.                Registered Bundle.
29.                Insured Bundle.
37A.              Camp Bag.
52A.              Due Mail & Sorting Lists.
53.                Due Mails and Unusual Mails.
54.                Face and Facing.
55.                Beat.
56A.              Late Letters and Too Late Letters.
57.                Missent and Misdirected Articles.
57A.              Trial Cards.
59.                Clearance of Letter Boxes.
60.                Clearance of Letter Boxes at Railway Station.
61.                Treatment of Late Letters.
66.                Articles with Undecipherable or Incomplete Addresses.
67.                Preparation of Labelled Bundles.
69.                Contents of Station Mail bag for a HO or SO.
70.                Contents of Station Mail Bag for a BO.
71.                Contents of a Sorting Mail Bag.
72A.              Bulk Bag.
74.                Plural Mail Bags.
75.                Extra Mail Bags.
76/2.             Inland Air Mail Delivery Bill.
77.                Plural Transit Bags.
78.                Extra Transit Bags.
79.                Extra Despatch of Mails.
103.              Book of Postmarks.
110A.            Treatment of unpaid or Insufficiently paid articles for Foreign Countries.
114.              Articles found Open, Damaged or without contents.
115.              Treatment of Articles, the registration or insurance of which is compulsory.
116.              Articles marked by Parcel Post.
122.              Articles prohibited from transmission by Inland Post.
123.              Articles prohibited from Importation or liable to Customs Duty.
132.              Tin Seal Holder.
134.              Special Bag and Camp Bag.
136&137.      Due Mail and Sorting List.
139A.            Trial Cards.
141.              Disposal of Check Slips.
142A.            Measures to be taken in case of accident to the Aircraft in the course of
144.              Important irregularities to be reported by telegraph.
145.              Error Book.        
148.              Redelivery to the sender or alteration/correction of address of Postal Articles
                     in the course of transmission by Post.
152.              Production of Records before Police or Excise Officers.
154.              Ordinary Postage Stamps, Coins and other articles of value found in Letter
                     Boxes or on a Counter.
155.              Half Yearly Enumeration Return.
161-165.       Unusual Bag Account.
170.              Only Important cases to be reported to Head of the Circle.
173.              Action to be taken respecting Absconders.
175.              Submission of reports to the Head of the Circle.
177-190.       Cases of High Way Robberies.
196.              Delivery of Damaged Articles.
206.              Short receipt of Registered Articles of all kinds.
210.              Search Bills.
211.              Public complaints regarding loss of Unregd Articles.
215.              Credit of Unpaid Postage.
226,227,       Weighment System.
231-234 &
229-230,       Occasional Despatches.

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